James Parker

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James Parker – He/Him/His

Bob Ross, the famous landscape painter, used to say, “there are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” He felt that if you didn’t like the way a painting was turning out, to get curious about it, and receive the trial as an opportunity for growth as a painter. Likewise, I believe that each life is a canvas, filled with contradictory brush strokes from without and from within. Every one of us is tasked with molding those strokes into the beautiful story arc of our choosing. For some of us, the tension displayed on our unique canvas is too overwhelming to resolve on our own. That’s where I come in.

As a therapist, I aim to ally with clients as they begin this process of getting curious. My objective is to open up space in the therapeutic relationship for creative collaboration to take place. Gathering and processing the disparate traumas, losses, disappointments, and wounds that may emerge, is not a straight path. And I am not the expert on what you have experienced. But I am a safe and willing co-conspirator. We can discover the beauty on the canvas together.

My previous training was in music, specifically church music, so I am well versed in navigating church spaces as both an insider and an outsider. This may prove useful to both clients who want to heal within their faith community, and those who need to heal because of it. As well, my lifelong backdrop of music and artistic interests has also given me a passion for deep connection. I am ready to take a journey with you no matter where it leads.

Finally, “there are no mistakes.” Just as Bob Ross said about painting, I believe is true about living. If we can approach ourselves free of judgement, we can begin to heal from our hurts and make our masterpiece.

When not at the office, I can be found writing songs, riding my bike full tilt through the woods, or watching 80s movies with my big beautiful, blended family.

Masters Level Marriage and Family Therapy Intern – Trevecca Nazarene University

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